VOCAMERICA's 1 Year Anniversary + MAIKA Illustration event!
11/06/17 2:34 AM by Re:VB-P

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am thrilled to say that today is our official 1 year anniversary since our debut show at NEKOCON 2016. It's been a crazy year with shows all over the US, as well as our first international show. It's been an absolute pleasure bringing you guys our concerts and programming.

To celebrate VOCAMERICA's anniversary, and give the end of our performance year a little pop, I’ll be bringing a special DEX and DAINA Banner with me to our final shows of the year, which is from our first show at Nekocon. I’m going to ask all the attendees of the show, to sign it and leave little messages on it. I’ll be taking this banner to the last of my shows for 2017 and ask all the attendees and fans to sign it and leave messages for the VOCAMERICA crew. This Banner will then be on display at our shows for the next year of performances, starting in February of 2018.

Speaking of anniveraries, one of our performers is also celebrating a birthday at the end of this year. One of VOCAMERICA’s song writing contest winners is planning a very special surprise for you all to celebrate MAIKA's anniversary. But, we need your help! Are you an illustrator with a love of MAIKA? Would you like to help us celebrate her special day? Then please think about contributing an illustration for her anniversary. These can be new pictures or pictures you’ve already drawn.

Just send them in to: akiglancy@hotmail.com or aki@vocamerica.com

The deadline to send in your illustration is by December 10th. Please make sure that the picture is in PNG format, it can be in any size, it HAS to contain MAIKA, and you have to provide 2 pieces of contact information such as: email, deviantart, twitter, facebook, and so on. These illustrations we be featured in a special surprise we’re planning for MAIKA’s birthday. We ask that any illustrations you send be vieweable for all ages, nothing NSFW please.