VOCAMERICA Song Writing Contest for 2018
01/13/18 6:34 AM by Re:VB-P

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Song Writing Contest has been extended to April 20th!


This has been quite a while coming, but I’m pleased to announce that we are beginning the second ever VOCAMERICA song writing contest! For this contest, we are looking to obtain a brand-new opening song AND closing song for future shows. You all will know that for the past year, we have used the songs “Fade” by CircusP as our opening, and “ECHO” by Crusher-P and remixed by DJ jo as our closing.

With 2018 being a new year of production, we would like to slowly filter in new material by new musicians. That’s where you folks come in. The contest will run from January 13th  – March 1st. Here are the rules you will need to know.

  • You must enter the song writing contest with a BRAND NEW original song. The song cannot have been previously posted to any platform (youtube, soundcloud, clyp, ect.)
  • All entries must be duets and feature the VOCALOIDS “DEX” and “DAINA” (you may include up to 2 additional vocalists if you like of any of the current VOCAMERICA performers: MAIKA, RUBY, AVANNA, YOHIOloid, Viki Hopper, Aiko Kikyuune, or Namida. The inclusion of additional vocalists is not a requirement though.)
  • Collaborations are allowed, but only one prize will be issued for the winning entrees. Therefore, the producers who collaborate must decide how they wish their prize to be split amongst them.
  • You are welcome to enter the contest more then once, however you will only be eligible to win once/one prize.
  • By entering, the producers in question consent to the winning entrees for the contest being featured on future VOCAMERICA soundtrack releases. However, the copyright and all additional commercial rights for the songs will be retained by their individual producers.
  • If you were a grand prize winner from the last VOCAMERICA song writing contest, you are not elligble to win a prize for this contest. However, runners up from the previous contest are elligible.
  • Entrees to the contest must be submitted to soundcloud (the link may be public or private) and then sent to EmpathP at one of the following email addresses: akiglancy@hotmail.com or aki@vocamerica.com
  • Please include the following information with your entrée: Producer/Musician name(s), Title of the song, full list of VOCAMERICA performers you use, and the lyrics for the song.


There will be 2 grand prize winners for this contest: one for the “opening song” category, and one for the “closing song” category. There will also be 2 runner up prizes offered. The grand prize winners will receive the following:

  • Their song will be featured as the opening/ending song of at future VOCAMERICA concert.
  • The song will be professionally duplicated onto 25 CD single slimlines courtesy of Empathy Studios. The winning producer may use these singles in any way they like (i.e.: sell them, give them to family, use them in their portfolio, ect.)
  • An official VOCAMERICA T-shirt of their size (all sizes available)
  • Two VOCAMERICA keychains featuring DEX and DAINA

The 2 runner up prize winners will receive the following:

  • An official VOCAMERICA T-shirt of their size (all sizes available)
  • Two VOCAMERICA keychains featuring DEX and DAINA


I’m very much looking forward to receiving and listening to all your entrees. And once again, my friends Kenji-B and CircusP will preside with me to judge all the entrants and choose the winners. Good luck to all of you!

P.S. If you were one of the winners from the previous VOCAMERICA song contest, look forward to your winning songs appearing in concert by the end of 2018!