Our 2017 Concert Season Schedule
06/17/17 5:58 PM by Re:VB-P

This has been a busy year. With multiple VOCAMERICA concerts under our belts, we are doing our best to continue sharing these wonderful Western VOCALOIDS with everyone across the globe. Here is a list of some of our upcoming shows. We will update this list as more shows are added, so be sure to check it often!


List of Past 2016-2017 Concerts

1.) November 5th 2016: Nekocon in Hampton, Virginia

2.) February 25-26th: ETSU-Con in Johnson City, Tennessee

3.) March 17-19th: Kigacon in Newport News, Virginia

4.) April 22nd: Tora-con in Rochester, New York

5.) April 29-30th: CPAC in Hoboken, New Jersey

6.) May 26-28th: AniMinneapolis in Minneapolis, Minnesota

7.) July 8-9th: Anime Midwest in Chicago, Illinois

8.) October 7-8th: Aki no Matsuri in Zofingen, Switzerland

9.) October 20-22nd: Anime Banzai in Salt Lake City, Utah

10.) November 3-5th: Banzaicon in Columbia, South Carolina

11.) November 10-12th: Anime Iwai in Deerfield Beach, Florida

12.) December 1-3rd: Yama-Con in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee