List of Concerts and Appearances for 2018
12/22/17 6:40 AM by Re:VB-P

For the year of 2018, we have a number of conventions we will be attending to give shows, lectures, workshops, and sell merchandise in the vendors halls. Here is the list which will be updated regularly as the year continues:


Upcoming Conventions:

-our 2018 season is concluded! Stay tuned for announcements for 2019!


Past conventions:

1.) Magfest in National Harbor, MD on January 4-7th (no concert, selling merch in vendor's hall and giving a panel on Sunday)

2.) Japan Weekend in Madrid, Spain on February 10-11 (selling merch in vendor's hall and giving a concert)

3.) Katsucon in National Harbor, MD on February 16-18 (no concert, selling merch in artist alley and giving a panel on Saturday)

5.) Tora-con in Rochester, NY on April 14-15 (no concert, selling merch and giving panels)

6.) Castle Point Anime Convention in Meadowlands Expo Center, NJ on May 19-20 (giving a concert)

7.) Animinneapolis in Minneapolis, MA on May 25-27th (giving a concert)

8.) Anime Midwest in Chicago, IL on July 6-8th (giving a concert)

9.) Advik Anime Convention in Prague, Czech Repiblic on August 2-5th (giving a concert)

10.) Anime Iwai in Fort Lauderdale, FL on November 9-11th (giving a concert)