VOCAMERICA Online Charity Showcase

On December 31st, we will be hosting a Charity Showcase Livestream on EmpathP's twitch channel at 3PM EST. This will be a showcase of all the material we were unable to share with you for 2020 due to Covid. During the livestream we will be raising funds for 3 charities: The Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund, The NAACP, and UNCF. We'll also provide links for those who may want to support these charities themselves in a private fashion. We look forward to seeing you guys on the 31st!

VOCAMERICA Appearances for 2020

!!IMPORTANT UPDATE!! : Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, all of our performances have been canceled/postponed for 2020. Please be sure to check this post for further updates.


Hello friends! Here is our list of upcoming performances and appearances for 2020. This blog will be updated as more convention bookings are added.


Upcoming apperances:

1.) Animinneapolis on May 22-24 in Minneapolis, MN (postponed due to COVID concerns, will take place in 2021)

2.) Tigercon on August 22-23 in Valdosta, GA

3.) Anime Banzai on October 16-18 in Salt Lake City, UT


List of Concerts and Appearances for 2019

For the year of 2019, we wil be attending several conventions where we will be attending to give shows, lectures, workshops, and sell merchandise in the vendors halls. Here is the list which will be updated regularly as the year continues:


Upcoming Conventions:

VOCAMERICA has concluded it's 2019 season! Stay tuned for announcements for our 2020 concert list!


Past Conventions for 2019:

1.) Zipcon in Akron, OH on Feb 23rd (giving a concert and selling merchandise)

2.) Tora-con in Rochester, NY on March 23-24th (no concert, giving lectures/panels and selling merchandise)

3.) Castle Point Anime Convention in Hoboken, NJ on April 27-28th (giving a concert and selling merchandise)

4.) Anime Oasis in Boise, ID on May 24-27th (giving a concert and selling merchandise)

5.) Anime Conji in San Diego on May 31-June 2nd (giving a concert and selling merchandise)

6.) Anime Midwest in Chicago, IL on July 5-7th (giving a...

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End of the 2018 season and the start of 2019

Hello everyone!

WIth our Fort Lauderdale Anime Iwai concert concluded, we say goodbye to our 2018 season and hello to 2019! We will be going on a brief performance hiatus until February. In the meantime, we'll be working on new dances and new animations to start working on our VOCAMERICA song contest winners, as well as new songs from our back catelogue! Please stay tuned for the first listing of shows for 2019!

Winners of the VOCAMERICA Song Writing Contest 2018

We're very pleased to announce the winners of the VOCAMERICA Song Writing Contest for 2018!

Our opening song winner is:

Anh Duy with their song Wish!

Our closing song winner is:

AJ/Music with their song Last Flight

Our third place winner is:

sofubi-P with their song All or None

And last but certainly not least, our 4th place winners are:

Party-P with their song World's Eighth Wonder, Aku-P with their song That That's That, and Quasar-P with their song Two Sided

VOCAMERICA Song Writing Contest Deadline Extended

Hey everyone, I have an update regarding the current VOCAMERICA song writing contest. Because a lot of producers were burnt out from the Miku Expo contest, I have decided to extend our own song writing contest to April 20th of 2018. That means that all song writing contest entries MUST be sent in by April 20th by Midnight EST. This gives you guys an extra month to get your songs done!

New Products Available in the Shop

Hello Darlings!

I'm happy to say that we have brand new goodies packs available in our store! VOCAMERICA artist Akuo created all new merchandise for us, and we're so excited to share it with you all! Head over to the store and pick up your special packs while supplies last!

VOCAMERICA Song Writing Contest for 2018

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Song Writing Contest has been extended to April 20th!


This has been quite a while coming, but I’m pleased to announce that we are beginning the second ever VOCAMERICA song writing contest! For this contest, we are looking to obtain a brand-new opening song AND closing song for future shows. You all will know that for the past year, we have used the songs “Fade” by CircusP as our opening, and “ECHO” by Crusher-P and remixed by DJ jo as our closing.

With 2018 being a new year of production, we would like to slowly filter in new material by new musicians. That’s where you folks come in. The contest will run from January 13th  – March 1st. Here are the rules you will need to know.

  • You must enter the song writing contest with a BRAND NEW original song. The song cannot have been previously posted to any platform (youtube, soundcloud, clyp, ect.)
  • All entries must be duets and feature the VOCALOIDS “DEX” and...

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List of Concerts and Appearances for 2018

For the year of 2018, we have a number of conventions we will be attending to give shows, lectures, workshops, and sell merchandise in the vendors halls. Here is the list which will be updated regularly as the year continues:


Upcoming Conventions:

-our 2018 season is concluded! Stay tuned for announcements for 2019!


Past conventions:

1.) Magfest in National Harbor, MD on January 4-7th (no concert, selling merch in vendor's hall and giving a panel on Sunday)

2.) Japan Weekend in Madrid, Spain on February 10-11 (selling merch in vendor's hall and giving a concert)

3.) Katsucon in National Harbor, MD on February 16-18 (no concert, selling merch in artist alley and giving a panel on Saturday)

5.) Tora-con in Rochester, NY on April 14-15 (no concert, selling merch and giving panels)

6.) Castle Point Anime Convention in Meadowlands Expo Center, NJ on May 19-20 (giving a concert)

7.) Animinneapolis in Minneapolis,...

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VOCAMERICA's 1 Year Anniversary + MAIKA Illustration event!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am thrilled to say that today is our official 1 year anniversary since our debut show at NEKOCON 2016. It's been a crazy year with shows all over the US, as well as our first international show. It's been an absolute pleasure bringing you guys our concerts and programming.

To celebrate VOCAMERICA's anniversary, and give the end of our performance year a little pop, I’ll be bringing a special DEX and DAINA Banner with me to our final shows of the year, which is from our first show at Nekocon. I’m going to ask all the attendees of the show, to sign it and leave little messages on it. I’ll be taking this banner to the last of my shows for 2017 and ask all the attendees and fans to sign it and leave messages for the VOCAMERICA crew. This Banner will then be on display at our shows for the next year of performances, starting in February of 2018.

Speaking of anniveraries, one of our performers is also celebrating a birthday at the end of this year. One of...

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The first of our kickstarter performance goals that was funded last summer has now been completed! Everyone say hello to AVANNA. She is the English Celtic VOCALOID from Zero-G. Her model (as with all of our models) was made by the super team of Yoistyle and Akuo.

Check out her image on our about page!



Hello darlings, EmpathP here!

I wanted you all to know that our VOCAMERICA store is now open for business! We have a number of brand new products there as well as old fan favorites. To check out our store, just click the link in the title bar above!

To give you some idea of our official products, we now offer the following:

1.) VOCAMERICA Ball Caps

2.) Official VOCAMERICA T-shirts

3.) Character Body Pillow Cases

4.) CDs

5.) Character Keychains

Our 2017 Concert Season Schedule

This has been a busy year. With multiple VOCAMERICA concerts under our belts, we are doing our best to continue sharing these wonderful Western VOCALOIDS with everyone across the globe. Here is a list of some of our upcoming shows. We will update this list as more shows are added, so be sure to check it often!


List of Past 2016-2017 Concerts

1.) November 5th 2016: Nekocon in Hampton, Virginia

2.) February 25-26th: ETSU-Con in Johnson City, Tennessee

3.) March 17-19th: Kigacon in Newport News, Virginia

4.) April 22nd: Tora-con in Rochester, New York

5.) April 29-30th: CPAC in Hoboken, New Jersey

6.) May 26-28th: AniMinneapolis in Minneapolis, Minnesota

7.) July 8-9th: Anime Midwest in Chicago, Illinois

8.) October 7-8th: Aki no Matsuri in Zofingen, Switzerland

9.) October 20-22nd: Anime Banzai in Salt Lake City, Utah

10.) November 3-5th: Banzaicon in Columbia, South Carolina


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VOCAMERICA Website Officially Open to the Public

Hello everyone, EmpathP here! I am very pleased to finally present our official VOCAMERICA website to the public. While we're still working on things, we're ready to begin making use of this site and share all sorts of new content with you guys. It has been a crazy couple of months for us. I can't believe that in just a short while, it will have been one full year since VOCAMERICA was first established. I hope that with your continued support, we may endevour to have even more shows that will dazzle you. I want to thank you all for your kindness, creativity, and critque, and I vow that we here at VOCAMERICA will strive to give you the very best of ourselves and of our VOCALOID performers as we can. For the next few weeks, I'll be working on fleshing out this site and adding to our portfolio. It may take a little while longer until I get all the bugs worked out, so just be patient and look forward to it! Until then, I send all of my love to you.